Monthly Memberships

  • Best Value

    Monthly Membership

    Every month
    A great deal for my SLOTH athletes!
    • Unlimited group classes
    • Kids are encouraged to come with you!
    • One call per month to discuss wellness goals
    • Accountability to encourage regular attendance
    • Casual, group setting in the park to get you moving!
  • One-on-One Coaching

    Every month
    Perfect for the busy woman looking for accountability!
    • Individual coaching based on athlete's schedule
    • Two classes per week (45 min each)
    • Monthly Goals are created with you
    • Nutrition/Meal-Prepping (foundational support)
    • Unlimited drop in to group classes!
  • Wellness Coaching

    Every month
    You got goals and I can help you get there!
    • Personal Training - Twice a week at your desired location
    • Nutrition Coaching - Weekly call (1 hour)
    • Individualized Meal Planning
    • Constant communication to help hold you accountable